Below, you can find SOLEN 's selection of interesting environmental websites :

Ademe (The French Environment Agency).
Afite (The French Environment Engineers Association).
Basel Convention about Hazardous Wastes.
Eco-Emballages (The French green fee organization).
Eea (European Environment Agency).
E.E.P. (European Environment Program).
E.T.R.A. (European Tyre Recycling Association).
European Commission - Environment.
European Union.
Federec (The French Recycling Federation).
I.F.E.N. (The French Environmental Institute).
Ile-de-France Region Waste Exchange.
Recycler's World.
The French Ministry of Environment.
U.N.E.P. (United Nations Environment Program).
W.B.C.S.D. (World Business Council for Sustainable Development).

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