SOLEN offer global solutions and turnkey or personalized services for environment management. SOLEN is organized in six main departments :




Environmental Audits : pre-sale of industrial estates or insurance

Economic and Environmental Assessments

Project Management

Environmental Management

Environmental Conceiving

Operating Licence from local authorities (ICPE)
Audit & Waste Diagnosis

Feasibility Surveys

Waste Management Surveys

Feasibility and Setting up of Public Waste Management facilities

Feasibility Survey to design waste treatment platforms

Treatment process Analysis

Drafting process notes

Market Surveys (wastes / recycling products…)

Promotion of non-polluting products

Technologies Transfers

Launching (marks / services / companies)

Marketing Strategies

Customer Feedback




Creating of Logistic Systems

Software to follow waste containers

Sizing of vehicles fleet

Analysis of Collect and Transport Costs

Information Systems
Communication Plans

Risk and Crisis Management

Press Relation Management

Training (Ademe, Apave…)

Making of graphic chartes

Conferences and Seminars

Industrialist Facilities Visiting

Environmental Tours for executives and managing

SOLEN usually works for :

Companies and Groups,
Waste Operators,
Chambers of Commerce,
Professionnal Federations,
Local Authorities,
State (ADEME, Regional Services of State)

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